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Are you trying to find the first and second-round results of the Shillong Morning Teer today? You’re on the right website. Check out the results for today by scrolling down.

Shillong Morning Teer Result Today

In the world of chances and games, Shillong Teer morning results are unique. This unique game is more than just numbers; it is deeply rooted in Shillong culture. Both locals and visitors have been fascinated by this tradition.


Shillong Morning Teer Result Today


NOTE: Every day at 10:30 AM and 11:30 AM, the Shillong Morning Teer Result is announced in two rounds.

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Another name for Shillong Morning Teer is Archery. This game mixes the excitement of playing with the precision of archery. It’s a Shillong cultural custom that fascinates both players and viewers.

Shillong Teer Morning Rules

Here’s a breakdown of the rules for Shillong Teer Morning:

Target Selection:

  • Two target numbers are chosen, typically between 0 and 99. These become the winning outcomes.


  • Skilled archers shoot a total of 30 arrows in two rounds at the targets.

Winning Numbers:

  • The winning numbers are determined after both rounds by counting the number of arrows that hit each target.


  • If your chosen numbers match the number of arrows that hit each target, you win a prize!

In essence:

It’s a game that combines a bit of chance with prediction. You’re attempting to foresee how many arrows will hit the designated targets.

Game Time

The Shillong Teer Morning game doesn’t happen during the early hours like you might expect.  It’s called Morning Teer, but the game actually takes place between 10:30 AM and 11:30 AM.

This is the window when skilled archers shoot arrows at targets. The results, however, are only announced later in the day.

Shillong Teer Morning Betting and Winnings

The Shillong Teer is a unique lottery in Meghalaya, India, that combines archery with betting. Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

The Game:

  • Archers shoot arrows at targets during two rounds.
  • Players try to guess the last two digits of the total number of arrows hitting the target in each round.


  • Tickets cost ₹300 each.
  • Tickets are sold from 10:00 AM onwards, Monday to Saturday.
  • You choose your guess for the first and second round results before the archery starts.


  • The prize for guessing both rounds correctly is around ₹8,000.
  • Payouts are awarded for other correct guesses as well, but the amounts decrease.

Important Points:

  • Shillong Teer is legal in Meghalaya but gambling laws vary in other parts of India.
  • It’s important to be aware of the addictive potential of gambling.


While I can’t provide links directly, you can search for “Shillong Teer Morning Result” to find websites with more information and past results.

Shillong Morning Teer Result Announcement

The Shillong Morning Teer results are announced in two rounds daily, excluding Sundays. Since today is Monday, March 4, 2024, there were results announced for both rounds.

The announcement times are:

  • First Round: 10:30 AM
  • Second Round: 11:30 AM

You won’t find the results directly here, but I can help you find them on the web. There are several websites that provide live updates and past results for the Shillong Teer game. You can search for “Shillong Morning Teer result” to find these websites.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Be cautious of gambling websites, as they may not be reputable.
  • The Shillong Teer is a game of chance, and there is no guaranteed way to win.

Shillong Morning Teer Strategies

Shillong Morning Teer is a game of chance, but there are some strategies players use to try and improve their odds:

  • Analyze Past Results: Many players look for patterns in past winning numbers. This might involve tracking frequently appearing numbers or identifying number combinations that seem to come up together. While past results don’t guarantee future outcomes, they can be a starting point for choosing your numbers.
  • Balance Intuition with Stats: Some players choose numbers based on personal significance like birthdays or lucky numbers. While this can be fun, consider combining it with some analysis of past results for a more balanced approach.

Random Selection: This approach avoids any bias and treats every number as equally likely. While it doesn’t consider past patterns, it can be a simpler way to pick numbers.